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Life at Ulovane, one eye opening experience after another




As an Apprentice Field Guide student at Ulovane, I am astonished by the Thicket Biome and its natural richness in botany, animals, and birdlife.

During the first 3 weeks of our 5-week practical course that we have been here, there has been a lot of learning mixed with many practical activities and generous great people.

The knowledge is better perceived with the passionate trainers that we are so privileged to have and all of the help from everyone as a unit at Ulovane. These 3 weeks have broadened my perspective on the care we need to obtain for our natural surroundings. It has made me realise that the comfort humanity wants has many consequences on our environment and all the species within it. We need to think into the future and not only of what is happening right now, otherwise, but we will also have difficulties ourselves.
My social skills have definitely improved these last few weeks, although I have a Boerkie-type of English!
This 5-week course is well appreciated! All of the practical activities, like tracking and going on game drives at sunset (and seeing an Aardvark in the wild for the first time of my life!) is the cherry on the cake. I never thought how addictive tracking could get, it is like being a “Bush Investigator”.

Although I miss my wife and 2 daughters so much, this Ulovane experience is so worth it and really good for any person’s or family’s dreams in the wildlife industry. I also appreciate the restfulness of the bush and the beauty it illustrates as creation.
Thank you Ulovane for the past 3 weeks, and I look forward to our last jam-packed 2 weeks!

  • Bruce
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