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Jordan Davidson



What has been your most memorable moment working as a field guide?
Standing next to elephants in the middle of the night knowing they were right next to myself and another guide but not being able to see them. While others on a vehicle a few meters away were describing what was going on as they had night vision equipment. The elephant here are incredible.
When did you finish at Ulovane and briefly tell us what you have been doing since then?
I finished at Ulovane February 2015, and started guiding at Kariega private game reserve since
Where are you now?
Settlers Drift Kariega
What are your future plans?
Project management within the tourist industry.
How did your Ulovane experience prepare you for a career in the guiding, hospitality industry?
The facilitators at Ulovane allowed me the space to fully delve into all the various subjects, that as well as guide my line of questioning into areas I had never considered. In a couple words blew my mind. It helped me look at nature in a completely different way, so when I interact with guests I help am able to further their understanding of what’s happening around them while they are on safari with me.
What was your favourite memory of Ulovane?
I spent time working at Ulovane. I think my favourite time was spent organising the students while on trails as well as walking.
I think standout memories were the nights spent out in the bush.
What advice would you give to someone entering the guiding industry?
Have patience, but perseverance. Always stick your hand up when an activity presents itself. You never know what experience you could gain and from that insight. Always give yourself to the team. A good team is invaluable and your input goes a long way into keeping morale up when it’s busy!!
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